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The Black & Decker LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer

The Black & Decker LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer is a powerful electric trimmer that can help it perform its functions more quickly. It does not release any emissions, so you can rest assured that it is not damaging to the environment. It can help you reduce your carbon footprint. It is also powered by a high-performance 40 V lithium ion battery and it includes a charger.

The battery charges fast, approximately for thirty minutes only and it can last for about forty minutes depending on your usage. This electric trimmer also has maximum power settings that allow users to tackle thick and tough weeds and grass. You do not even have to work on full power.

You can control the machine using its PowerCommand feature. You can also use the PowerDrive transmission to increase the power delivered by its battery. In addition, you can take advantage of the Automatic Feed Spool features that will let you work without needing to bump or make spool adjustments. This makes it possible to complete the task in just one charge.

Moreover, you can rotate the head of the machine to one hundred and eighty degrees for quick switches between edging and cutting tasks. You can also use the auxiliary handle if you need a quick release.

Product Features and Specifications:

Product Dimensions: 9.6 x 4.4 x 43.9 inches

Shipping Weight: 10 pounds

Has a very powerful PowerDrive Transmission that ensures the quick completion of the job

Has a PowerCommand dial that lets users select between maximum runtime and power

Has an Automatic Feed Spool that ensures continual work with no risk of bumping

Runs on 40V lithium ion battery

Can convert the trimmer into an edger by just turning the shaft

The Reviews:

The reviews for this product are very good. In fact, most of the customers gave it a five-star rating. They agreed that it is easy to use and has a good battery life. They are impressed with its powerful motor that allows them to complete their work quickly and easily.

The customers liked the fact that the Black & Decker LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer is fairly lightweight yet very powerful. It also has a quiet yet efficient operation. The customers also said that this machine is capable of handling light to moderate garden work without releasing any harmful emissions.

Then again, some customers complained that the product only includes one battery. They said that 40 V batteries are quite expensive and the replacement parts can be hard to find. They also did not approve of the plastic material of some of the parts.

Furthermore, the self-feeding line tends to be short. Hence, the trimmer may not always reach. Because of this, it is ideal to test out your kit as soon as possible so you can ask for a replacement if necessary.

Nonetheless, the Black & Decker LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer is still a good purchase. It is great for dealing with tall-growing weeds and other moderate yard work.

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